The Game of Thrones Dragons are Real, made by 3d printers!

The HBO Game of Thrones franchise is one of the leading users of 3D printed props in the film industry. They use Laser Prototypes Europe Ltd., based in Northern Ireland. Laser Prototypes supplies most of the armor, masks, jewelry, and weapons seen in each season. The company prides itself on this faster way to create props that are lightweight and realistic. 3D printing has a profound impact on the film industry, since visual effects teams can draw up free-form props that are otherwise more challenging to design and manufacture via traditional methods. The strangest prop request from Game of Thrones was to build a large-scale printed dragon. The most common prop made was the Sons of the Harpy masks.

3D printing allows Laser Prototypes to build almost any prop imaginable without being concerned with design, weight, and quality constraints. There was a time when blockbuster actors and actresses were wearing armor of metal or lugging weapons of steel for intensive combat scenes. Now, with the advent of 3D printing, plastics mimic the clarity in detail and texture without burdening actors and actresses employing the props. Laser Prototypes is also creating 3D printed props for X-Men as well as uniforms in the upcoming 2019 Star Wars: Episode IX film.