Landscape maquette construction for Carla Lake Museum

3D Printing Solutions created 3 landscape maquettes of a total surface larger than 21 square meters, for Carla Lake Museum, Thessaly. This is thw biggest 3d printed project in Europe!

For this project:

  • we used more than 200kg of PLA.
  • we have spent more  than 3 months continuous printing time.

We used our last tech large scale 3d printer, BigRep ONE!

3D designers, cartographers and 3D printing experts worked as a team, while the compound of this map “puzzle” and the final touch was given by 3D Printing Solutions specialized technical staff!

The Landscape!

 “Giving life” to the maps!

Step 1st: Three-dimensional model creation on the required scale, by the cartographer and the 3d designer.

The original model got divided into nine pieces, for convenience in transferring reasons. The physical dimensions of every piece is 2m x 1.68m, with a height of up to 10cm. 

Step 2nd: 3d printing process of a duration of almost two days for every piece, depending on its shape. Once printed, maquette pieces got post processed appropriately, in order to become as smooth as possible.



Step 3rd: Wooden base constuction, in order to safely assemble the map pieces on it.

Step 4th: Map surface covering, by a specially printed material

Step 5th: Finally, plexiglass got used as a final touch.

3D Printing Solutions provides full support for every stage of 3d prints construction or items reproduction!

We start by scaning and modelling, we continue by printing and finally getting further by post processing in your printed items!